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The Adler Aphasia Center is committed to demonstrating the effectiveness of our model and expanding the field’s understanding of aphasia.

Our Research Goals:

  • Demonstrate the effectiveness of the Adler Aphasia Center model
  • Highlight unique programming for people with aphasia
  • Partner with outside researchers to expand the field’s knowledge regarding aphasia, aphasia centers, and aphasia rehabilitation


Our Current and Past Research Projects:

  • Overall program assessment
  • Clinical application of select, research based individual therapy approaches
  • Nationwide survey of aphasia groups
  • Involvement of individuals with primary progressive aphasia at the Center
  • Wii-habilitation and aphasia groups
  • Benefits to participation in an aphasia friendly drama program
  • Training outcomes of aphasia education programs for: Medical resident, Certified nursing students, and Emergency/first responders
  • Mobile technology use with individuals with aphasia
  • Application of scripting therapy to an aphasia center
  • Application of scripting therapy for a bilingual individual with aphasia


We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with outside researchers on projects that are in line with the Center’s goals. If you are interested in conducting research at the Center, partnering with our research department, or recruiting members for offsite projects, refer to Research Guidelines and Research Project Request Form for information and procedures.

All inquiries and requests should be sent to Tamara Heimlich at and Gretchen Szabo at or call 201.368.8585.