Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

To enrich the lives of people with aphasia, their families, and communities.

Our Vision

Reach everyone affected by aphasia.

The Adler Aphasia Center Board of Directors and Staff gathered for a strategic planning process. As a result of the strategic planning process, the Adler Aphasia Center has a compelling mission and vision as well as a clearly developed plan for the future. The plan provides direction for creating sustainable membership growth, building awareness about aphasia and our services, sourcing sustainable funding, developing a workforce poised to meet future growth needs of the agency, and meeting emerging needs with innovation.

Our Core Values


Our culture is built on a foundation of respect, understanding and compassion.

Sense of Community

We encourage social connection with inclusive experiences that engage family, friends, care partners and the community.

Quality of Life

We are committed to the life participation approach to aphasia and place value on communication, meaningful opportunities, friendship and a strong sense of optimism.


We take an active role in advocating for and with people with aphasia in all aspects of the community.


We conduct ourselves with professionalism and integrity in our interactions with members, staff, families, communities and other professionals.


We value innovation through creativity in programming and a focus on technology.

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