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A Message from Our Founder

Do you know the word “aphasia”? So many people have never heard of it, yet so many people are affected by it.

In order to reach people in the community that could benefit from our services, we must constantly find new opportunities to educate the public about aphasia. We must create awareness, deflate the myths that surround aphasia, and underscore the fact that not being able to speak doesn’t mean you have nothing to say. I often compare having aphasia to being in a country where you don’t speak the language – you know what you want to say but you just can’t find the words.

Do you know how the Adler Aphasia Center helps people with aphasia? Our programs offer so many experiences! We offer programs in art, technology, advocacy, cooking, a “mock trial” simulation, acting, and many other topics. We also run a fabulous gift shop called Something Special that features member-made items. Our activities ignite the soul, stimulate the brain, warm the heart, and nurture new friendships — all while improving communication and life for those with aphasia and their families.

More people need to learn about aphasia and how we can help people impacted by it. I hereby deputize you to help us to spread the word! You never know whose life you might be improving.

Woman on the Street

Center Member, Crystal, took to the street to find out who knows about aphasia.

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