America the Beautiful

By Hertha M.

My native country is Germany. Why would I come to America? I was always fascinated by America. I had started university education in Germany and decided to finish in America. My area of study was laboratory science with emphasis on clinical chemistry. I was sponsored by the laboratory director at Overlook Hospital in Summit N.J. His sponsorship allowed me to obtain a visa to enter the country and a green card to allow me to work at the hospital.

I was very anxious to come to America to continue my education in my chosen field. I was also curious about life in America. When I arrived, I was surprised at how informal my workplace was at the hospital. I never dreamed I would be calling my supervisor by his first name. While in Germany, I studied at the University of Munich. In New York, I continued study in laboratory science with an emphasis in clinical chemistry at Hunter College.

A highlight of my early years in U.S. was a round trip Greyhound bus tour of the country from east coast to west coast and back to N.Y. for $99.00!! I felt that now my view of the country was complete after seeing cities, the country, deserts and impressive mountains.

When I finished my1 year contract at Overlook, I moved on to Lenox Hill Hospital on the upper east side of N.Y. to continue my work in clinical chemistry. I shared an apartment with 2 other Lenox Hill employees who had also moved from Overlook.

I “survived” 55 years of work at Lenox Hill and enjoyed my career there. My experiences in the United States provided me with a much broader view of culture in this country and the world. Now, I consider myself a citizen of the world.

“America, America, God shed His grace on thee and crown thy good with sisterhood from sea to shining sea.”

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