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Many of our members are referred to the Adler Aphasia Center by speech-language pathologists, doctors, nurses, social workers, and other healthcare professionals.

Healthcare professionals may make a referral to the Center. We encourage family members to enquire as well. Please call (201) 368-8585 and ask to speak with a speech-language pathologist.

Candidates with aphasia who are referred to the Center will be required to participate in a tour of the Center and to meet with one of the speech-language pathologists on staff. If eligible for membership, candidates must participate in the Center’s Aphasia Education Program prior to joining the Center as a full-fledged member.

Refer to our “How to Join” page for additional details.


The Adler Aphasia Center partners with colleges and universities that offer speech-language pathology graduate programs. We offer opportunities for students at our Center. For more information about our opportunities or to arrange an observation or interview please contact Ginette Abbanat at

  • Externships are available to speech/language pathology graduate students on a semester basis.
  • Clinical observation of aphasia groups may be obtained at our Center.


Requirements of Externship:

  • Current contract between the Adler Aphasia Center and the participating university
  • Completion of graduate coursework in aphasia and/or adult neurogenics
  • Clinical experience with adults with neurogenic disorders

Our Center offers several types of volunteer opportunities for students as well. For more information visit our “Volunteers” page.


The Adler Aphasia Center is a dynamic organization and is growing in breadth and scope. In addition to providing direct services programs, our education and training and research departments are evolving to meet the ever-increasing demand for aphasia awareness. Speech-Language Pathologists and other trained professionals are encouraged to submit their resume.

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