Dear Adler Aphasia Center,

Your Center has proven to be a virtual godsend to those individuals who are living with aphasia. Our late mother, Mary, was among those who were fortunate enough to participate. Her life improved immeasurably because of your program.

As a family, we watched as our Mom continued to make steady progress, with greatly improved confidence and fluency. Upon her return home from a day at the Center, she would be bubbling over with joy and excitement as she relayed the events of the day. Who could have imagined our aphasic mother would be acting in a musical play, bowling, presiding over a mock court and mastering the computer? It was so moving to visit with Mom’s fellow Adler participants, many of whom had become her close friends.

Thank you. The staff and the entire Adler family will always remain in our hearts and thoughts forever.


Barbara and Mary

Just as Mary’s family understood the hope and heart that the Adler Aphasia Center provides to those with aphasia and their caregivers, we are hoping you understand the value your gift can mean to other families like Mary’s.

Please consider a gift supporting the Annual Appeal. Your gift of $100 will provide a scholarship for one person with aphasia to attend therapeutic programming for one week.

On behalf of our members with aphasia and their families whom we are privileged to serve, thank you.