f Adler Aphasia Center - Research Overview

The Adler Aphasia Center is committed to demonstrating the effectiveness of our model and expanding the field's understanding of aphasia.
  • Demonstrate the effectiveness of the Adler Aphasia Center model
  • Highlight unique programming for people with aphasia
  • Partner with outside researchers to expand the field's knowledge base regarding aphasia, aphasia centers, and aphasia rehabilitation
  • Overall program assessment
  • Clinical application of select, research based individual therapy approaches
  • Nationwide survey of aphasia groups
  • Involvement of individuals with primary progressive aphasia at the Center
  • Wii-habilitation and aphasia groups
  • Benefits to participation in an aphasia friendly drama program
  • Training outcomes of aphasia education programs for:
    • Medical residents
    • Certified nursing students
    • Emergency/first responders
  • Mobile technology use with individuals with aphasia
  • Application of scripting therapy to an aphasia center
  • Application of scripting therapy for an bilingual individual with aphasia
  • Transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) for post-strike aphasia
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